Become a #VerseAmbassador!

You will love using the app in expert mode. Verse Ambassadors are power users who contribute in many ways to our community. They invite their friends to join, always share their spending, and give support and feedback to Verse. Plus they get a bunch of perks! If we’re cooler than a bank, it’s thanks to our Verse Ambassadors.

How do I do it?

The first step is to move from Verser to Lite Ambassador. At this level, you’ll have 100 invitations and you’ll be able to earn up to €500 by inviting your friends. Plus, we’ll include you in the special Lite Ambassador rewards program. To unlock the Full Ambassador level, you must be a power user and invite 5 friends within the same month. Super easy!

Full Benefits

💸 Get even more invitations: Up to €500 by inviting friends. Get extra money for inviting more than 5 buddies within the same month.s.

👕 Heaps of merchandising: Get your welcome pack when you become a Full Ambassador, with plenty of chances to get lots of merchandising.

🤑 Money and top perks: Get special Full Ambassador perks like cashback, rewards program, and more.

New features before anyone else: Try new features before they are released to the rest of the Universe.

💬 Community and events: Get invitations to presentations with the Verse team, and get access to exclusive community channels on Discord.

🥇 Full Ambassador Medal: Get your exclusive Full Ambassador Badge – visible within the app, so all your friends can see!


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TOP Ambassador To Do List:

  • I always pay and split bills with my friends using Verse.
  • I always have money in my Verse account.
  • I use my Versecard for all my payments.
  • I share my Promo Code on social media and more.
  • I wear my Verse merchandising.
  • I take part in the community (Discord, Telegram, Forum, etc).
  • I give feedback to Verse about my experience.
  • I am usually in the TOP 500 of Universe.

Join our team!