At the end of this year…. - Verse

At the end of this year….

It’s the end of the first year that we have been in business and we can’t even believe it. In just these few months of operation we have grown so much, both as a startup and as people. We’ve had a successful Series A round that got us 8.3 million dollars in investor faith, we’ve nearly doubled our staff, and we’ve been downloaded by over 1 million people (hundreds of thousands of which constantly make transactions using our platform).1

We’ve also made our first online video content, started a kickass Ambassador Program, and are now preparing to move offices. Seriously, it feels like a dream. We feel exceptionally grateful and humbled by the support we’ve received, and we feel very proud to see that all of our hard work has begun to pay off. We’ve learned so much and will continue to do so every step of the way.2

We are so excited about everything that is to come: so many plans, so many updates and upgrades, so many ways that we’re expanding! At the risk of repeating ourselves, we want to say, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you, Verse family- staff, investors, users, friends and family. Our product depends entirely on the community that uses it and we couldn’t ask for a better community than this one.

We wish you the happiest New Year of them all!

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