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What is Verse?

Who we are

What is Verse and how does it work?
Verse is a mobile app that allows you to pay and receive payments instantly, safely, and free of charge. It is very easy to use and works like a digital wallet.

All the money you receive is stored in your Verse balance. From there you can send it to your friends’ digital wallets. When you want that money to be in your real world wallet, all you have to do is transfer it to your bank account (it only takes a couple of seconds).
What can I use Verse for?
You can use Verse to pay your part of the bill when you go out for dinner or drinks with your friends, or to share home expenses with your roommates or to give joint birthday gifts, just to name a few. You’ll see.

Once you start, you’ll never go back.
Are payments instant?

If you send money to another Verse user, they’ll receive the payment in seconds. If the person you send a payment to doesn’t have Verse, they’ll get it as soon as they download the app and register (we’ll send them a link to make it easier).
Is this for free?
Yes, Verse is completely free.

Where we operate

Where can I use Verse?
For the time being, we operate in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.

This means you can make and receive payments in any of these countries’ legal currency: Euros, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krone and Polish Złoty.
How can I change the currency in my Verse account?
Your default currency is decided by your phone number’s country code. You can switch currencies every time you make a payment (the currency menu is right above the amount you are paying) and the change will be made immediately.
Do you charge me for the change in currency?
No, we don’t charge any commissions. Ever. When you make a payment that implies a change of currency, the current change rate will be applied.

How do we take care of you and your money

How do you take care of my money?
Your money in Verse is kept in an account that is safeguarded by one of the most important Spanish banks and/or with the Bank of Lithuania. We protect your money in an account dedicated exclusively to Verse’s clients’ funds. This way, your money is kept safe from anything that could happen to either Verse.
How do I know that Verse is secure?
To begin with, we have to have the same security certification as all credit card companies.
We also take other precautions to make sure your money more secure than it has to be by law. We do not show your phone number to anyone who is not on your contact list.
In addition, to add a level of security, we recommend you to add a PIN code that only you know or register your fingerprint if your device allows it we will ask you every time a money movement is made from your account and we make sure that it is you who is authorizing the payment.
How are transfer limits calculated?
It is calculated by adding the deposits you make to your account and the funds you receive from other users, basically, it’s all the money that goes into your account.
Can I choose the privacy of my transactions?
Of course!
On the last screen before confirming your payment, you will see a drop-down in the upper right that allows you to choose if you want your payment to be public or private. Simply open it and select the option you prefer.
Ah! And above all: we will never show the amount of the transaction.
I forgot my PIN!
No problem!
You can change it in settings within the Security section or when the application asks you to make a modification.
You will see that at the bottom of the screen the option to recover the PIN appears in blue and small if you have forgotten it.
How can I get notified of all payments I make through Verse?
To activate notifications, go to Settings (click on your avatar), choose Email Notifications and check the option to receive notifications.
Can I change my phone number?
Your Verse account is linked to a phone number, which is like your personal identifier within the platform. If for any reason you change your phone number, you must cancel your account and create a new one with your new number.
If you have already changed it and someone has sent you money, contact us and we will help you transfer the money to your new account.
Why my account has been blocked?
Sometimes, for security reasons, we have to block some accounts and check that everything goes well.
If you need to use the application and your account has been blocked, contact us and we will check with you that everything is correct.
What happens if someone has logged into my account from another device?
This should not happen!
If you detect that someone has entered your Verse account without your authorization, contact our team quickly and we will do everything in our power to avoid transactions without your authorization.

How to use Verse

Send and receive

How do I pay someone?
The first thing you have to do to pay someone is to add a credit/debit card. To do so, you just have to follow these steps:
– Settings (click on your avatar)
– Cards and bank accounts
– Click on “+” (upper right corner)
– Add a card
– Fill in your card details
– “Add a card”

Then, from the main menu (the one with the little arrows) choose ‘Pay,’ indicate the amount you want to pay, choose the recipient, put a note, indicate if you want your payment to be public or private And that’s it!
What is the maximum amount of money I can move and why?
You can transfer up to € 1,000 in one year, or € 10,000 if you send us a photo of your ID. We do this to periodically make sure that the person who is paying is the same person who made the account. In other words, to know that you are you and thus protect yourself if someone else is using your account.
Can I use any credit card?
Our system accepts the most common cards, that is; VISA and MasterCard.
If you have a different card, nothing happens, you can continue using Verse for your friends to send money to you. You can continue operating with that money (send it, withdraw it, save it) the only thing you cannot do is send it to Verse from your bank account.
I have an American Express. Can I use it?
In order to offer you a free service, we need to make sure that the companies we work with offer affordable services. The costliness of working with American Express would ultimately mean that we would have to charge you for our services and we just don’t want to do that.
What if I pay the wrong person?
Like all bank transfers, the transactions between users are irreversible, but you can always request the money back from the person that you sent it to. If you accidentally send money to someone who doesn’t have a Verse account yet, you can cancel the transaction by selecting the payment and choosing the ‘Cancel’ option. If it appears as an option it means they DON’T have an account with us.
Can I pay someone who doesn’t have Verse installed on their phone?
Sure. They’ll receive a text message that includes a link where they can download and install the app and as soon as they’ve registered they’ll see the money in their account.
What do I have to do to get money from my friends?
You don’t have to do a thing. You’ll automatically see your money reflected in your Verse balance.

You can also remind them by sending them a ‘Request’.
To do this:
– Go to the Main Menu (the one on the right-bottom corner with the 2 little arrows)
– Choose ‘Request’
– Choose the friend from your Contact List
– Choose the amount you want to request from them (and leave them a little note)
– Choose whether you want to make your transaction private or public
– Press ‘Request’

And that’s it!
Someone sent my money and I don’t see it reflected in my bank account.
For security reasons, the money your friends send you goes to your Verse balance first and you then have to transfer it to your bank yourself. The amount of time the money takes to get there depends on your bank. It can be immediate or take up to 48 hours (not counting weekends). If it’s taking longer than that, please contact our support team.
What’s my Verse balance?
It’s the money in your Verse account. You can keep it there, send it to other Verse users, or transfer it to your bank.
How do I transfer it to my bank account?
The first thing you have to do is link the bank account.

To do this:
– Go to Settings (click on your avatar)
– Click on the + symbol on the upper right corner
– Choose ‘Add a bank account’
– Fill in all the info and press ‘Add bank account’

– Go to the Main Menu (the little arrows) and choose ‘Transfer to bank account’
– Choose the amount of money you want to transfer
– And press ‘Transfer to bank account’
How long does it take for the money to get to my bank account?
We try to get the money to your bank as quickly as possible, but we all know traditional banks are not the most agile companies and, sometimes, we are limited by regulations which can cause delays.

Depending on your bank, money can take anywhere from a few seconds to two business days to reach your bank account (worst case scenario, a transfer ordered on a Friday afternoon might arrive on Tuesday afternoon the latest). If it takes any longer than that, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you what happened and when you will get the money.


How do I invite my friends?
First: thank you. We love it when you invite your friends.

Here are the *conditions to receive the reward:

– Create an account.
– Add a promotional code in the ‘Settings’ tab.
– Verify your profile with a valid ID and a selfie.
– Deposit €10 using a card or Google Pay / Apple Pay.
– Transfer €10 to someone using Verse.

Remember that this promotion is for people who are joining Verse for the first time. It is important that your invited friend does not share personal data with other people on Verse, such as: card, bank account, email or device, among others.

The €5 reward is available in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The reward for all other countries is €1.

The promotional code can only be added within the next 5 days after creating the account and the steps must be completed within a maximum of 10 days, otherwise you will not be able to receive the €5 reward.

*Verse reserves at all times the right to terminate the promotion as well as to remove the invitation link from users who make abusive or fraudulent use of it.
And you pay me for that?

Of course. When your friend fully registers themself and completes the following steps, you’ll each receive €5:

– Introduces your promo code
– Adds at least €1 to Verse
– Sends at least €1 to a friend
– Verifies their account

Easy peasy, and remember you have 30 days to complete the steps, after 30 days you will not be able to get the 5€ reward.
I have a code but I forgot to put it in when I signed up. Can I type it in now?
Because these codes are intended for new users, you only have 15 days to use them. Once this time has passed, your code expires.
How many invitations do I get?
When you create your account and add a credit card you get one invitation and we send you more as you continue to use the app. The more you use it, the more invitations you get.*

*Verse reserves the right at all times to give the prize and to withdraw the invitation link to users who use it in an abusive or fraudulent manner.
Why do I have the rewards disabled?
When we find that you are only using Verse to invite friends, but the new users you have invited don’t use the Verse application in an expected way, we will block 5€ rewards because we believe you and your friends are not using it correctly.

Here are some of the things you can do with Verse:
– You can create events to raise jackpots for gifts, or to organize your parties.
– You can create groups for the weekend getaways.
– We have a VerseCard where you can divide the expenses with your friends.
I have invited a friend but we have not received the reward.
To redeem the reward both of you will have to fulfill the following conditions:

– Add your invitation code in the promotions tab (you will find it in the link you receive when you invite him/her from the app).
– The new user’s account must be new and unique.
– Both accounts, the person invited and the person inviting, must complete the verification process through the App.
– The new user must register in the App at least one card of which he/she is the cardholder, make a deposit of €10 and send at least €10 to a friend.

To summarize, the promotion will not be applied if:

– the invited user has already had an account with Verse in the past;
– if he/she uses a card that is already registered on another user’s account;
– if he/she simply transfers money that he/she has previously received;
– has not added the code in promotions.

The €5 reward is available in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The reward for all other countries is €1.

The promotional code can only be added within the next 5 days after creating the account and the steps must be completed within a maximum of 10 days, otherwise you will not be able to receive the €5 reward.

*Verse reserves at all times the right to terminate the promotion as well as to remove the invitation link from users who make abusive or fraudulent use of it.

Verse with friends

How do I create an event?
First, go to the ‘Events’ section of the app (the little calendar logo). You see the blue ‘+’ button that’s in the top right corner? That’s where you can type in all of your event information.

To create an event, choose ‘Create an event’ (from the e last ) and fill in all the necessary information.
How do I share an event?
Once you’ve created your event you’ll get to a screen that allows you to invite people or edit the information you’ve already provided. In the upper right corner you’ll see three dots. This is where you can choose to share your event. If your friends have the app, they’ll be able to join the event straight away. If they don’t have the app, they’ll receive a link that invites them to download it and access the invitation.
How many tickets can I buy?
That depends on the max amount of tickets that the event creator has decided on.
What are groups for?
Groups are a really comfortable tool that you can use to share expenses like subscriptions, work gifts, rent, etc.
How do I create a group?
Choose ‘Groups’ from the main menu, choose ‘Create a new group,’ pick the members, and give it a title (you can also add a picture).
Can I add an expense if I’m not an administrator?
Yes. Just go to ‘Add an expense to the group’ and select who you want to request money from.

KYC Verification

Why identity verification, employment status, source of funds, and nature of relationship?
We ask you to pass through IDV (identity verification) in order to use your Verse account. This is to fulfil our obligations under European regulation for financial services commonly known as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) or ‘Customer Due Diligence’ (CDD). In short, this is an anti-corruption and fraud measure and a legal requirement. In addition we’re required by regulation to collect additional information about you, such as your reasons for using Verse and where your funds originated from.

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

Who is a politically exposed person (PEP)?
Individuals who have been entrusted with prominent public functions and their immediate family members or close associates are considered PEPs. An individual is no longer considered a PEP if they have no longer been performing that role for at least one year.
What is a prominent public function?
– Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, Vice-ministers or Deputy ministers, Secretaries of State and Chancellors of Parliament, Government or Ministry
– Members of Parliament and Members of supreme courts, of constitutional courts or of other high-level judicial bodies
– Mayors of municipalities, directors of municipal administrations;
– Some countries, such as Spain also consider city counselors of municipalities of at least 50,000 inhabitants as PEPs
– Members of the management bodies of supreme audit and control institutions or chairs of the boards of central banks, deputy chairs or board members;
– Ambassadors and high-ranking diplomatic officials and officers in the armed forces;
– Members of the management or supervisory bodies of state or municipal enterprises or companies which are more than 50 percent controlled by a government entity
– Heads and deputy heads of
a. International intergovernmental organizations and members of their management or supervisory bodies;
b. Political parties and members of their management bodies.
Who are immediate family members?
– Spouse or partner
– Parents
– Brothers, sisters, children
– Children’s spouses and children’s cohabitants
Why do we ask?
Due to their position and influence, legislation recognizes that many PEPs are in positions that could potentially be abused for crimes such money laundering or activities related to corruption and bribery. As such we are legally obliged to establish whether you might have a political connection, which would classify you as a PEP.  Being classified as a PEP does not mean you can’t use Verse, it’s just an additional step to continue making sure Verse is a safe community for all.

Contact us

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