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Hey there, friends!

We hope that the last bit of January, the Monday of months, has got you as excited for February as it has us.


As you probably know, Verse is an app that’s used to pay and receive payments using your smart phone. You enter your credit card and bank account information one time, and then you can send and receive money (to anyone that also has the app) in the time it takes to send a text message. Want to spare the waiter from making a bunch of transactions when you go out to dinner with your friends? One person pays and the others Verse that person back. Want to get those concert tickets as soon as they’re made available, without waiting for your friends to go online so you can sit next to each other? Buy them and have your friends Verse you back. Want to remind your brother and sister that they still owe you money for buying your mom’s Christmas gift? Send them a friendly request using Verse. The list goes on and on, but the point is that, once you and your friends and family start using it, it makes life easier.

Here’s where our new ads come in, (if you haven’t seen them, check them out here). What they’re meant to highlight is that cash, and other traditional payment options, are becoming obsolete. Sure, it’s true that cash is dirty, it’s ecologically harmful, it gets lost (and while it’s missing, it can make you enemies), but more than anything, it’s unnecessary a lot of the time once you get started using Verse. Here at the office, for example, we go out and get food or drinks all the time, and only one of us has to have cash or a credit card. You would think that this is only a minor occurence in the whole of your day, but when you use it consistently, it makes a real difference! Not counting cents, not having to leave the restaurant to go to the ATM, and most of all, not having to remember all the ‘I’ll pay you later’s, well, it just makes for a better experience time and time again.

So, that’s pretty much it! We hope to get you Versing very soon (maybe even today)!

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you have any comments or questions, please talk to us in the comments section.

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