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📲 Earn points using the app

🏆 Prizes for the first 500 users each month

Monthly Prizes








50€ each

20€ each

10€ each

5€ each

2€ each





How to earn points

50 pts

Enjoy your money making more than 20 payments a month (events and groups allowed) (Max. 50 pts)

2 pts

Pay at least €1 to other users and receive a point for each debt you settle (Max. 50 pts)

20 pt

Share an expense in a Group that you create with more than 3 friends and receive points if you don’t delete it in the same month (Max. 100 pts)

10 pts

Get your money and win points for each €1 that you receive from a friend (Max. 250 pts)

20 pts

Win points for helping a friend that you bring to Verse make their first payment. (Max. 300 pts)

10 pts

Pay for anything worth more than €2 with your VerseCard (Max. 250 pts)

5 pts

Create the party of the year with VerseEvents, charge at least €2 for tickets and we’ll give you points for each person that joins (Max. 100 pts)

50 pts

Receive at least €25 using your Verse IBAN and don’t let the fun stop (Max. 200 pts)

150 pts

Be smart and accumulate your cashbacks with VerseRewards (points when your receive your cashback) (Max. 150 pts)

50 pts

Go big! Make a payment of €50 or more with your VerseCard (Max. 50 pts)


This month’s ranking will only consider with Spanish (+34), Italian (+39), Portuguese (+351), and French (+33) phone numbers.

Every weekend we’ll share the top 500 ranking list on social and sent via email.

The last day of the month, we will share the top 1000 winners on our social channels and via email.