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Verse Events Launch Party

This past Thursday, April 6th, we threw a party to celebrate the launch of Verse Events. To us, reaching this milestone was very important, since it was living proof that we’ve been effectively moving in the right direction, towards a more social, transparent app that makes payments easy and fun. For this reason, we put our heart and soul into the preparations and were so happy to see how well everything turned out.


More than 400 people showed up, helping us reach our goal of 2.000 € in donations for CEA[R] (Centro Español de Ayuda al Refugiado). Our 3 founders gave some great speeches, presented the new functionality of Verse events, and showed uncensored versions of our TV spots. There was also a magician making the rounds amongst the crowd (supported by our COO Alex Lopera who also did a stellar magic trick), a photo booth, a photo call, cocktails, welcome drinks, and dancing…until 3 AM!! Needless to say, it was a lot of fun.


We are beyond grateful to everyone who helped make this happen and would like to give a very special thanks to our Head of Events, Manuel Pintado, and the rest of our Marketing team for the extra hours. As we always say, Verse doesn’t work without the community of its users, and we just want to keep reminding you that we think you’re the best!

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