Verse Profiles: Alena - Verse

Verse Profiles: Alena

Hello friends! You know what we’ve realized?

That it’s been a while since our last Verse profile. And because we’ve incorporated a whole bunch of new people who are really interesting and bright, we thought that we should start introducing them to you.


Here is Alena Delacruz, our new product manager and the friendliest, smartest, most together person on earth, in ten questions:

1) Where are you from originally?

I’m from the U.S. and within that, from San Antonio, Texas. 😀

2) How long have you lived in Spain?

I’ve been living in Barcelona for three years now.

3) How do you like it here?

I love it here!! I’m really into climbing and this is climbing mecca. It couldn’t be better.

4) What do you like most about the Startup world?

The fast pace, the quick thinking, the problem solving. Those are all things that I really enjoy in my work.

5) What occasions are you most happy that you have Verse?

Whenever I forget my wallet, which happens way more often than it should :/

6) If you had to choose one song to describe yourself, what song would that be?


7) What do you think are the top 3 most important good habits a person should have?

A willingness to confront your fears, a positive narrative on your personal growth, and the daring to give people a chance.

8) What are your favorite podcasts?

Oooh I have  so many! But particularly I’m always looking for updates of Inquiring Minds, On the Media, and the Slate Political Gabfest.

9) Where are you going on your next trip?

I’m totally focused on one trip for next year: alpine climbing Mont Blanc.

10) What did you get for Christmas?

Books in Catalan. I love children’s books because my reading level still isn’t very high. But practice, practice!

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