Conoce el equipo que está construyendo Verse

Dave Garcia


Naike Sainz


Sebastian Greulich


Olivier Maître

Head of Product

Diego Sanchez

Legal Counsel

Laurynas Bagdonas


Dalius Jankevicius

Accounting Lead

Miriam Castells


Laia Gordo

Jr. Technical Accountant

Marc Aguilar

Data Analyst

Alba Luján

Business Intelligence and Data Science

Rugilė Stonytė

Expansion Manager

Borja Fernandez

Financial Analyst

Sandra Goncalves

Experience Operations Lead

Colette Lupo

Senior Recruiter

Victoria Gemma

Executive Assistant

Jordi Castells

Recruiting Coordinator

Magda Blazejewska


Arune Kimonte

Compliance Officer – Lithuania

Daniel Zipse

Head of Compliance

Aleksandra Aleksandrova

Compliance Specialist

Javier Mateo

Operations Manager

Juan Juliano

Risk Operations Lead

Daniel Ramirez

Senior Core Payment Specialist

Valerio Ferrari

Card Operations Lead

Mikael Martinez

User Happiness Lead

Sari Maarit Kettunen

Workforce Analyst

Andrés Díaz

Junior Core Payment Specialist

Mireia Montolio

Payments Associate

Carlos San Isidro

Head of Marketing, Brand & Communications

David Carlisle

CRM Specialist

Meritxell Gibernau

CRM Specialist

Ignacio Gámiz

Social Media & ASO Specialist

Carlos Meneses

Product Marketing Manager

Natalia Bartniczak

CRM Specialist

Marcel Torres

Content Specialist

Fran Mancera


Ana Lucia Artiga

Graphic Designer

Alina Romashkova

Interactive Designer

Jonathan Gil

Marketing Coordinator

Elisabetta Lanzafame

UX Researcher

Romain Beget

Senior Product Manager

Lennart Panknin

Product Manager

Lucía Tortosa

Product Manager

Will Davis

Product Manager

Victor Peña Romero

Product Manager

Santiago Arroyo

Machine Learning Expert

Jimena Plastina

Machine Learning Expert

Pepe Navarro

Principal Engineer

Dídac Sabatés

Full-stack Engineer

Jesús Bellón

iOS Engineer

Emanuel Kotzayan

iOS Engineer

Adrián Tung

Android Engineer

Jakub Aniola

Android Engineer

Xavi Francisco

Backend Engineer

Toni Dominguez

Backend Engineer

Ameya Acharya

Backend Engineer

Marc Cobos

Backend Engineer

Carlos García de Marina

Backend Engineer

Marc Macià

Backend Engineer

Daniel Lázaro

Backend Engineer

Fuad Mimoun

Backend Engineer

Ariel Hernández

iOS Engineer

Albert Ferràs

Backend Engineer

Antonio Suarez

Android Engineer

Ashamaz Shidov

iOS Engineer

Vitalii Markus

Android Engineer

Alex Rodríguez

Junior Backend Engineer


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